Our Mission

Welcome to PIE Advisors – a global provider of turn-key solutions that cover a wide variety of needs.  PIE has been in business since 2009 and is a diversified company primarily involved in healthcare related activities but with some offerings that transcend healthcare.  We offer services in the following areas:

  • Activations and Deactivations of Space – Turn-key solution involving all aspects of managing the opening or closing of a space including all equipment planning, transition planning, event planning, coordination with general contractors and architects, clearance coordination, disposal of assets and materials and program management of overall effort.
  • Equipment Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Staff Augmentation – PIE has resources that can fill intermittent leadership or project management positions
  • Training
    • Leadership Training
    • Six Sigma
    • Medical Simulation
    • Agile
    • Lean
    • Skills level training in various areas
  • Simulation Planning and Execution – Including developing and executing scenarios
  • Water Safety
  • Backflow Preventer Testing and related services – including coordinating repair of failed devices and providing freeze protection of devices
  • Cross Connection Surveys
  • Environmental Testing
  • Telemedicine – including equipment and software deployment
  • Government Consulting – SAM registrations, help with proposals, leading government initiatives for the company
  • Supply Chain Optimization – All aspects of supply chain operations
    • Strategic Sourcing/Contracting
    • Material Management
    • Material Management Information Systems Deployment
    • Logistics
    • Group Purchasing Organization Selection or migration
  • Portable Medical Grade Structures – Deployment and project management
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Medical Evaluations

PIE has the expert ability to bridge the gap with projects that have multiple funding streams between: federal, State, private sector and charitable donations.  Our team can design a procurement system that meets all requirements and manage the project in accordance with all laws and regulations while satisfying all external auditing entities.  This skillset is especially useful for disaster recovery of medical space that involves funds from FEMA, HUD and Disaster Recovery Units (DRUs) with contributions from private sector healthcare systems and donations.

Partners In Energy LLC is a diversified company primarily focused in the healthcare sector, however our skillsets and some divisions transcend healthcare and work in various industries.

Our primary areas are: Activations and Deactivations of Space, Supply Chain Optimization, Medical Simulation Training, Leadership Training, Water Safety, Government Consulting, Distribution and Deployment of Equipment, Structures or Commodities.

The PIE team is stacked with public and private sector career healthcare professionals and complimented by team members from various industries. PIE can provide augmented staff to organizations in need of intermittent leadership or program management. PIE also promotes cutting edge equipment, tools and techniques especially in the areas of telemedicine and other newly advancing areas of healthcare. We are a customer-centric company that will ensure our project and program managers provide a customized solution that exceeds expectations. We provide opportunity and are thankful to our nation’s veterans. Our team members have a special passion and commitment to assisting the Department of Veterans affairs as well as other integrated healthcare systems.

In addition to our private sector acumen, we have special skills that allow us to efficiently navigate the bureaucracy of government funded healthcare entities including tribal healthcare systems, state healthcare systems and all federal healthcare entities.
– Mick Dubuis MBA, FACHE