Activation and Deactivation

Activations Services are those services that are necessary in order to activate a new space, or new building. Activations includes: equipment planning and/or coordination, furniture planning and/or coordination, Supply Chain planning including procurement, and service contract planning. PIE endeavors to provide our clients a solution that is one stop shopping. No more wondering who moves the dumpster, or who coordinated with the architect on the furniture “and” the equipment; this is PIE’s responsibility. PIE will eliminate the finger pointing and be the accountable company that our clients demand.

  • Equipment Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Construction Contracting Project Management

Deactivation Services involve the deactivation and decommissioning of space. Deactivations includes cooridinating final disposition of equipment and furniture, as well as assistance with the final disposition of the building itself. PIE can take the lead on acquiring environmental clearances, drafting solicitations, and competing decommissioning solicitations and tasks that are required in order to proceed with hiring a demolition contractor or repurposing a building.   PIE will ensure that there is a final sweep of the structure for anything salvageable, while coordinating security concerns and other associated responsibilities with the closing of space. PIE can serve as the Project Manager that coordinates all of the moving pieces.