Mick Dubuis, MBA, FACHE

Mick Dubuis, MBA, FACHE President, Partners In Energy LLC

Mick Dubuis is the President and Founder of PIE, LLC. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Cleveland State University and a Bachelors in Management. His professional history includes over 20 years of federal government services, 17 of which were in the procurement field where he ascended to the level of Head of Contracting Activity and Senior Procurement Officer for Northeast HUB of VISN 10 for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He has over 25 years of healthcare experience including holding executive positions for private sector healthcare organizations, as a consultant and as an entrepreneur.  Mr. Dubuis has been directly responsible for recruiting and leading the teams that have activated some of the most complex medical facilities in the country including the first two post-Katrina Hospitals, the busiest heart and vascular center in California, and countless federal projects. He now leads teams that are involved in numerous lines of business both within healthcare and in other industries. He has expanded his company into the areas of telemedicine, training, medical simulations, impairment ratings, water safety, equipment and software distribution, software development, supply chain consulting and numerous other areas.