Water Safety

Partners in Energy LLC is committed to providing the best in water safety by developing a methodical approach to protecting both public and private drinking water supply.

The Safe Drinking Water Act and EPA has mandated the protection of the drinking water. As a result, the individual states have established backflow prevention and cross connection control programs. One of the aspects of these programs is the installation of backflow preventers. Many commercial facilities and some residential homes have backflow preventers installed to protect the drinking water from the backflow of potentially contaminated water. These backflow preventers need to be tested annually to ensure that they are in proper working order. PIE has direct staff that can test backflow assemblies and assist with cross connection surveys. Our strategic partners can provide highly trained individuals that can install, test and repair all types of backflow preventers in addition to utilizing proprietary cloud based software for tracking programs and reports. We have developed a proficient approach to testing which enables a more efficient and expedient test with nominal stoppage of water use.

PIE can supply individuals certified to perform a comprehensive inspection of both new and existing facilities by examining all potable water outlets and identifying any actual or potential cross connections between the potable water supply and sources of contamination or pollution.

Our cross connection control surveyors specialize in investigating, identifying, and analyzing undesired connections between potable and nonpotable water providing our clients with an all-inclusive report detailing the hazards and the corrective measures needed to provide safe drinking water.

In addition, among the fastest growing issues in the field of industrial hygiene and water management is Legionella evaluation. Incidents of Legionnaires’ Disease and related illnesses have increased by over 400% in the US in the past 15 years. PIE’s strategic partner NV5 has extensive experience in the performance of field site evaluations, sampling, generation of Operations and Maintenance and Best Management Practices programs, and remediation assistance for facilities throughout the United States. Each evaluation is individually tailored to the subject facility. NV5’s Certified Industrial Hygienist specializes in airborne contaminants and has performed Expert Witness assistance for ongoing litigation regarding Legionella.

Strategic Partnerships

PIE has a partner relationship with Backflow Prevention Services of Baton Rouge. This relationship allows PIE to provide a comprehensive water safety management plan and training of client’s staff, while PIE’s relationship with NV5 allows for expanded capabilities in validation of potential hazards providing the most comprehensive management practices.

PIE is also a distributor of the GEAUX BOX, manufactured by Backflow Aquaman, an insulated fiberglass backflow assembly cover that provides access to the assembly for testing while providing protection from light to medium freezes. The cover is UV protected and can be custom made in order to cover any assembly.