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Simulation IQ

SIMULATIONiQTM is the leading clinical simulation management operating platform that delivers unmatched performance for standardized patient- and mannequin-based training, and brings all your programs, people, and processes into a single, simplified view that saves time, improves clinical outcomes, and provides peace of mind.

EMS is an industry pioneer in simulation-based solutions for healthcare training environments ranging from integrated clinical simulation management software and audio-video recording, to counselor education, and virtual patient training. Working alongside subject matter experts, EMS serves as the driving force behind numerous consumer-centered innovations that continue to move the clinical simulation market forward. Whatever your training goals are now, or in the future, EMS has the technology you need to succeed.

Backflow Prevention Services

Backflow is the reversal of flow from normal operating conditions. Pressurized water systems typically flow from high to low pressure, ie, from the water main toward a home or business. During water main breaks, hydrant flushing, etc., main line pressure is reduced significantly and may approach atmospheric conditions. When this occurs, water from homes and businesses may flow back toward the main.

BackFlow AguaMan

BackFlow AguaMan is here to help with all of your needs when it comes to clean water backflow protection. While Backflow Protection may not be a common topic of conversation in your daily life it sure provides protection for you and the people you care about on a daily basis. When you find yourself in need of a new installation, repair or government inspection of your Backflow Protector, make sure to contact the company with both experience and necessary state license…. BackFlow AguaMan.


Time-critical mobile telemedicine consults require simple, fast, highly reliable video telemedicine technology. The swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack delivers exceptional-quality video visits at the lowest bandwidth in the market. Truly.

Unlike existing live video telemedicine solutions, which are heavy, difficult to transport, expensive, and offer unreliable connectivity, the swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack is light, portable, easy to use, and delivers unparalleled connectivity — giving mobile care providers the ability to connect to doctors for real-time video visits anywhere, any time.

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Rollx Vans

Convenience. Selection. Quality.

Rollx Vans provides you the most convenient purchase experience in the industry with vehicle selection, professional sales, at-home delivery, and flexible nationwide service backed by the highest quality conversion available.

The Rosenberg Group

Supply Chain and Accounts Payable Consulting PIE is a partner with TRG consulting and works directly as a member of the TRG team on various projects. Headed by Brian Rosenberg, former principle of RPI consulting, the TRG team provides years of experience and perspective from working in health systems across the United States. TRG and PIE have a reverse relationship on some projects depending on the scope and level of effort from the respective lead agent. PIE and TRG are banding together to pursue the activations and deactivations markets as well as other supply chain related consulting opportunities around optimization, strategic sourcing, procurement, AP solutions and other trends in cost containment. PIE can work directly in these areas or augment with the TRG team for specialty areas.

Winmed™ EHR

OPEX Realization Group

A Trusted and Reliable Partner with a specific goal to “Make your future success our Business” A strategic alignment of talent designed to bring value and knowledge across the entire business spectrum. Our backgrounds and experiences have been battle tested on a daily basis for years. We are use to getting rewarded for Results not just effort. We have a genuine desire to share our deep, relevant knowledge and technical skills in a way that allows others to grow where they didn’t think it was possible.


EME International

EME International:

Experience: We have over 20 years in the Workers’ Compensation, Impairment Rating and Liability industry.

Technology: Our doctors use our own proprietary software which calculates Impairment Ratings based on the AMA guides as well as FCE and IME reporter software. We also sell this software to anyone looking to reduce the time it takes to preform and generate a report. Our software will not only increase your accuracy but will generate you more money.

Education: We have been educating MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, PA’s, PT’s, adjusters, lawyers, assistants and anyone involved in the Impairment Rating process for over 17 years. Helping you get it right the first time is our passion.

Certification: Certification proves competency!  We are the provider of the Certified Impairment Rating Specialist testing (CIRS) which provides the CIRS 4th, CIRS 5th & CIRS 6th, tests based on the AMA 4th, 5th and 6th Edition Guides as well as the State of Nevada certification testing (NIRSAT™).

Compression Solutions

Compression Solutions provides a unique treatment option to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prevention through utilization of their Triple Play product. This product is different than other compression devices as it provides a combination of hot/cold therapy in addition to compression. The device is highly portable and can be manually or automatically operated. This item is billable under medicare. PIE LLC is an authorized representative and distributor of the Triple Play Product and can help you with various procurement or financing options, thus providing a potential revenue generating product to your organization.

Johnson Portable Structures

Johnson Portable Structures is the only out of the box completely portable, panelized medical grade structure on the market. The structure is designed for disaster response but can also be used for temporary space or swing space. The structures are Hurricane and earthquake rated. PIE is an authorized independant Sales Representative of Johnson Portable Structures. PIE can serve as a turn key value added solution providor bridging your equipment, furniture and structure needs.