Medical Simulation

Partners In Energy LLC can provide comprehensive disaster and medical simulation management for your organization. Our simulation teams are composed of project managers, subject matter experts, scribes, and clinical personnel. We can help your team draft scenarios, coordinate resources, provide Standardized Patients or confederates, and manage the scenario execution including the pre-brief and debrief. We also have mannequin operators that can both operate the mannequin and perform necessary repairs to most mannequin types if it is required. Upon completion we can develop a report card for your team that identifies the state of readiness of your department.

PIE LLC also has a library of scenarios that we can draw from in the event that your departments would like scenario ideas. All of our scenarios can be modified to fit specific facility environments.

Our team members have been involved with all aspects of disaster and medical simulation including the opening of medical simulation centers. We have strategic partners and relationships with various companies that provide simulation related training aids, software solutions, role players, and additional simulation experts. PIE is an authorized distributor for Education Management Solutions, an industry pioneer in simulation-based solutions for healthcare training environments – ranging from clinical simulation management software and hardware to counselor education and virtual interactive computer based training tools.